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"Simply delicious! I had a hard time sharing." - Jim, in Ann Arbor, Michigan

"By far the most DELICIOUS brittle I've ever had!" - Chris, in Grand Rapids, Michigan

"You haven't tasted brittle until you have tried Lodish's Champion Brittle!" - Kate, in Birmingham, Michigan

"Mike, that Peanut Butter Brittle is out of this world!!!! I love the fact that it is gluten free !!!!!! - Anthony, Salt Lake City

"This product puts the real D in delicious!" - Katherine, in Detroit, Michigan

"There is a reason Mike branded his brittle peanut crunch as "Champion." Mike is one of only two men in history of the NFL to compete in six Super Bowl Championship games. With MIke at the helm, Pat's Gourmet will be a winner. By the way, the brittle peanut crunch is STELLAR!!" - Terry, in Birminghham, Michigan

"I recommend it I think its the best I have ever had." - Vic, owner of V20 Foods LLC

"Like nothing I have ever tasted before!" - Kitty, in Detroit, Michigan

"Once you have one bite you will find it hard not to eat a whole bag by yourself!" - Dan, owner Flowdesign Inc

"Until you have tasted Lodish's Champion Brittle, you have only experienced 'less than the best.' You'll be hooked!" - Bob, in Los Angeles, California

"Mike's product is wonderfully unique and would recommend it highly." - Darren, in Los Angeles, California